About Jerry

Lady Liberty

Jerry's Approach! Will Work For Freedom!

As you get to know Jerry you will find that his thinking is always about working for you and the cause of preserving and improving your freedom! It shows in everything that he does! Even in this picture his smile at blessing children with candy speaks volumes! Jerry has a heart for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to protecting you the citizen! If you have need of legal service or advice, Jerry won't lie to you he will do the research that is very thorough. I believe if every Elected Official fulfilled their responsibility as Jerry did we would have a better country!

- Leonard Falk - Kalispell

Being True to Basic Principles and Truth!

Our Founding Fathers had it right. At no time in the history of the world was there ever such a group of men as at the founding of our country. They recognized TRUTH in every aspect of life and set up a republic of laws whereby government was the servant of the people. I believe that adhering to these principles will right the imbalance we see today, and make Montana and America Great for years to come!


Preserving Freedom

thru founding principles


Preserving Justice

thur due diligence


Preserving Beauty

thru access

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