Author: willwork4u

Our Right to Peaceably Assemble

As Americans we have the right to gather together and discuss and support causes that we believe in. The Democrats attack this right of ours and have put a label on it calling it “Dark Money”. They lie about these organizations that exist because of our financial support giving us a voice, and because they are empowering “We the People”, Democrats seek to pass laws that would deny their existence.

The democrats have proven that they are attackers of free speech and not defenders. Ironically Democrats are okay with taking away the choice of workers to support unions because the unions support Democrats against the will of the workers.


My Pamphlet on the proposed 28th Amendment and how it is a further attempt to take more of our rights is long but includes all the details. It outlines legal actions taken by the left to promote restricting our voice in government. As usual they make it sound like they are protecting our rights, when actually they are attacking our rights.

Click here for: Pamphlet on the lies of the 28th Amendment. 

Will Work For Freedom!

Protecting Our Water

Your Water Rights are under Attack!

Democrats and several “Republicans in Name Only” accepted Money to come up with a scheme that broke the laws of the state of Montana and passed an unconstitutional piece of legislation called the CSKT Water Compact. This CSKT water compact unlike of the other six water compacts in the state of Montana, gives the water rights of off reservation and non-tribal land owners, to the jurisdiction of a “pseudo” sovereign nation, the tribe. To check out the details of the brides and the laws broken: go to  The Democrats in the name of Jon Tester and Others propose to give between 5-7,000 Kootenai Salish $2.5 Billion!!

Loving Our Community

One of the Most Beautiful spots in the World!

Having been Born and Raised in the Flathead, I can not think of a better place to live. We have a life style and a quality of life that cannot be found in many other places in the USA anymore. Government Intrusion that messes with our ability to survive and function, are things that I stand against. The very principles of our Montana Heritage are at stake each and every day! I, Jerry O’Neil, enjoy Serving You the People of this beautiful Canyon and State!